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Standing Room Only

Why the Ignite event was on fire

Thanks to Sasfin, Mark Sham and his team at The Tryst hosted an exciting event for like-minded people who are keen to ignite their business’s growth.

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3 Things You Need to Know about Content

Content is just words and pictures and sometimes video. It’s not chiropterology (the study of bats).

If you focus on serving, not selling, your content won’t be slimy or ego-centric. And you have to put it out there, in the world, whether you think it’s ready or not.

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the tryst events space

What the Hybrid (Event)?!

Times have changed.

Zoom is your new best friend. You’re a DIY lighting expert (or so you think, anyway). And messaging during a meeting is acceptable now.

But virtual meetings have their limit. What happens when you need to hold an event?

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