What The Hybrid (Event)?!

Times have changed.

Zoom is your new best friend. You’re a DIY lighting expert (or so you think, anyway). And messaging during a meeting is acceptable now.

But virtual meetings have their limit. What happens when you need to hold an event? 

Introducing the keynote speaker

Hybrid event spaces have cropped up all over the place. They offer in-person and online options. Which means they can increase your attendance numbers, enhance your audience-engagement and grow your sponsorship.

But knowing which hybrid-capable space to go with is the tricky part.

You grow, girl!

Another important consideration is what type of event you’re holding. Hybrid events are usually internal or external. Internal ones are for those inside the company, like shareholders and staff. Externals are things like trade shows and product demonstrations that attract a bigger fanbase.

Either way, your event needs to look professional and feel worthwhile to its participants. You need quality resources: people and equipment.

On top of acing the technical side, your content must be engaging – maybe even more so than in a traditional event. And how it’s digitised is crucial. If your program is delivered poorly, it will lose its power. Content and production need to work hand-in-hand to reap the rewards you want.

John Vlismas Event - Suits and Sneakers
Remember to check the acoustics

Distorted sound, unintentional photo-bombers in the shot, bad lighting, glitches and delays – these are things that your online audience will cringe at. And ultimately click away from.

You are the expert at what you do – you should be focusing on communicating that. Not stressing over the technical side of things. (And take our word for it, those technicalities tend to pile up and detract from the real thing here – your message).

Let’s get it on

Here at The Tryst, we have our own fully equipped, in-house team. We have all the tech and expertise you’ll ever need to get your message out there.

We will work closely with you to create two experiences: an engaging on-site event and a professionally-managed virtual one.

Hybrid events are exciting and impactful – when they’re managed right!