It's a space.
but it's also a movement.

the tryst video studios

The Tryst is a home for events, video production, content creation, knowledge and education, entertainment and people.

tryst, n., Eng., an agreement to meet; an engagement, a rendezvous, an assignation 


The Tryst is where sparks fly… Where companies, teams, fire-starters, rule-breakers and big thinkers host their live (and streamed) events…

Where magic happens in multiple creative spaces

Video and streaming studios
Post-production bay
Brainstorm boardroom or training room
Bar and food truck
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Where ideas, messages, brands and – most importantly – relationships are activated and amplified…

We give a shit. We have a go. and we never hesitate to try. #trystus

The Tryst.

People call it “the best event venue in Johannesburg” and “the coolest function space in Sandton”.

We call it home.

And here, at our house, we have everything you need:

624 hours

5062 bums

62 speakers

In Studio

In seats

on stage

the tryst bar area

The Tryst is both a physical building and an intellectual and emotional HQ. It’s for bold brands, ground-breaking ideas and human connection. It’s where clever comes together: Like A Tourist, Suits & Sneakers, Mark Sham, and more.

You might say it’s like a villain’s secret lair, but without the villain. And not secret.


Whatever you’re wanting to capture, and however you’re planning to share it, we have the studio for it. The Small Studio and the Big Studio are both fully equipped.


Big Studio:

 40 pax, three 4k Black Magic cameras, lighting, backdrops & streaming capability

Small studio:

2 pax, two 6k Black Magic cameras, lighting, backdrops & streaming capability

Video content? Product explainer? Training material? Brand showcase? Interview, panel or promo? Whatever you need to shoot, and wherever you want to do it, our Video team is ready to step in.


Bold brand? Ground-breaking idea? Opportunity for human connection? BIG celebration, conference or summit? At The Tryst, we’ve got the space. We are the space. 


There’s no need to use more than a couple of lines to tell you that we can do yum. Buffet-style, in little boxes, for brekkie, or at the bar. Plus: FOOD TRUCK. 


There’s Suits & Sneakers. There’s Happiness by Mark Sham. There’s Back to the Future. There’s the Digital Marketing workshop. There’s the library of business talks and training offered by Tiffany Markman. Want to know more than you do right now?


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Like a Tourist

Mark Sham

Suits and sneakers

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