It's 2023, and events are bigger and better than ever before.

The events industry got completely washed out over the past few years, but we’re coming back with vigour! This is what you’ve got to look forward to in 2023.

95% of exhibitors say they prefer in-person to virtual events

Whilst we do predict some virtual events in 2023, we believe in-person events will still be the preferred option for many businesses. According to Meeting & Group Business magazine, the in-person events market is set for its “strongest year ever” in 2023.

After years of lockdowns and virtual events, now more than ever there is a huge appetite from attendees for real and memorable experiences.

Some great, trending ideas to throw into the mix when you hold an event in 2023.

The key is to make it an experience and something that will be memorable.

Record your event

Why have one event, with loads of planning, effort and expense, for it to all be over with, in a day? Hire a videographer to do a recap video that you can share on your social media, mailers, and website.

P.S Here’s a recap video that we did.

Spark Media Photobooth
Create a headshot lounge or a photobooth

Everyone needs a professional photograph. Why not offer this to your attendees at your event? I’m sure we’re all in need of a new LinkedIn profile pic. (One without a drink in hand). Alternatively, you can set up a fun photobooth. Everyone goes home with a memory.

Scan Global Logistics Entertainment
Bring in some entertainment

What a way to kick off an event. Live music is a great way to fill the room. It sets the scene of the event and it gives guests something to watch and do on arrival (especially if you arrive early).

Raise the Barre Event

Yoga to start the day?

Start with a morning yoga session to bring the mind and soul together. It’s not too strenuous and it gets the bodies moving. Then head on into your morning conference with a clear head.

Hybrid events do still play a part

They are getting better and better. At The Tryst, we’ve gone through the effort to making sure, the attendees on the other side of the screen, feel that they are in a full production. The trick is to keep your attendees occupied and interact with them – maybe throw in a game of Kahoot to get to know your audience at the start or throw some burning questions at them to see how well they know the business.


We know the drill. We’ve done the same things over and over. It can be awkward. Give your attendees a few team-building options to choose from. This way, they get to pick what they like and you’ll still achieve your team-building experience. Some ideas:

  • Boardgame challenge (everyone loves a good boardgame) and this works nicely if you’re doing a hybrid event – get the team online to join in.
  • Become your own artist – send a box of art to attendees joining online and set up art stations in person. Add a glass of wine, and you’re on your way to becoming the next Picasso (maybe).
  • Karaoke – too far? Set up two teams on stage that can partake (like a Noot vir Noot vibe). People that aren’t as gung ho about the stage can sit in the audience and guess the song.
  • Team bake-off – the world is your oyster here! Get into teams and make your meal with a starter, main and dessert.
While we’re at it, here are some other random trends for 2023
  • 2023’s colour is viva magenta
  • 2023’s fashion trend is the maxi skirt 
  • 2023 food trend is climate-conscious foods
  • And if you haven’t done the Wednesday Adams dance trend yet on TikTok, get to it.

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