Get hooked on hybrid & say g’bye to FOMO

Hybrid events are here to stay and here to slay.

(If you’re finding yourself wondering what hybrid events even are, then check out a previous blog of ours )

When Covid-19 didn’t bugger off after 6 weeks, smart companies determined to survive made the move to hybrid. They quickly discovered there’s no going back. Why would you want to attend an event when you could do it from your bed?

Here are some of the benefits to holding hybrid events:

  • Larger audience (more peeps for keeps)
  • Data collection (more deets for keeps)
  • Improved ROI (more cha-ching for keeps)
  • Sponsorship (more BFFs for keeps)
  • Longevity (more content for keeps)

Why do hybrid events have such an amazing ROI?

They’re the long-life milk version of marketing content. You can stream an entire conference, webinar, workshop (take your pick) and use the recorded material after the fact. Either publish the whole product in one go and/or release snippets over time.

In other words, no more FOMO for the flakes.

You can also use the recording to analyse how your event went because event exhaustion is real. It’s easy to miss the details when you’re running around all day. Did the talks go on too long? Did they allow for participation? Were the branded tablecloths OTT? Probably.

If that’s not enough to get your small business hooked on hybrid, think about this: sponsors are more likely to jump onboard a recorded and streamed event. According to Brella, “72% of corporate sponsors are interested in participating in a hybrid event, as long as they can effectively reach both audiences.”  

Speaking of moolah, you can’t make it without its twenty-first century twin: data. (Cha-ching!) Growing your database means growing your reach and hybrid events make data collection a cinch. Get those contacts while keeping the POPI gods happy.

(Visit Brella for a more detailed explanation of why hybrid events matter.)

Now you know some of the perks of going hybrid. Next step: How?!

According to Research by Markletic, “35% of event organizers say that finding the right venue to host a hybrid event is a challenge.” The upside? They also found that “86% of B2B organizations see a positive ROI on their hybrid events 7 months after the event date.”

You’re ready to go hybrid, but now you need the perfect venue.

We’re a world class hybrid event venue based in Sandton.

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