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Why using the industry best means being your best…

Size matters

Let’s start with our Lil Guy.

Small podcast, webinar, interview, e-learning, short videos, product shoots – with the potential to grow large. Our small studio is Kwality with a K – because our Black Magic cameras are 6K and 12K – the higher the K, the krisper the kwality. Keeping up with the Kardashians, SA style!

Our little guy, despite his size, is three generations ahead of current TV tech in South Africa.

Then there is the Big Fella.

Studio panel discussions, workshops, hybrid events, live streaming and the option of having an audience of up to 60 – he’s got you covered.

On to the editing – Abracadabra!

 This Black Magic-affiliated software is “the world’s only solution that combines editing, color correction, visual effects, motion graphics and audio post production all in one software tool!” It’s DaVinci Resolve’s turn to come in and cast some editing spells, making sure magic happens.

The team

With experience producing international animations, time on-air in the radio world and receiving both international and local awards, our in-house technical team is a wealth of expertise. They know how to get up to some devilry. They can stream, live-edit and post-produce with ease.  

(Not to mention our very own Mark Sham, an accomplished speaker who knows all about how to get speaking and audio to work hand-in-hand.)

Can you hear me now - Audio visual equipment - studio

Can you hear me now?

Audio and lighting are essential ingredients for your magical mix.

Your studio experience will be soundproof and professionally lit. Our team uses all-black surfaces to limit reflections, refractions and light bleeding.

Let’s talk layout: we have modular studios. Meaning you can mix it, match it and maximise it. So, if you’re looking for an intimate interview setup with your branded banner behind you, done. Or if you’re needing two cameras and roving mics for your six-man panel, we’ll set you up.

Having the right gadgetry around you is important but so are the aesthetics. Depending on how you want to customise the look and feel of your offering for your audience, we can tailor the setup.

Our in-house team loves being hands-on and helping you conjure content you’re proud of.

Check out our portfolio and let’s chat about making some magic:

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