I've got 99 problems and my content's one.

I've got 99 problems and my content's one

BUT YOU gotta make time for that!

Here’s why:

Studies consistently show that social media has changed how we do marketing:

  • When consumers were asked how they would most like to learn about a new product, over 68% of consumers said a short video – Wyzowl (Do you publish videos?)
  • 32% of consumers check out a brand’s social media presence before checking out their website – Animoto (Is your social media presence on point?)
  • Just 22% of young consumers want emails from brands, compared to 68% of Boomers – Hubspot (Are your customers actually reading your stuff?)
  • People today have 2x more interactions with brands on mobile than anywhere else – Think with Google (Is your content mobile-friendly?)
  • 87% of consumers want more video from brands – Hubspot (How are those videos coming?)
  • By 2021, 80% of all internet traffic is video – Cisco (Getting the point?)

Think about it

You probably picked up on a few trends here:

  1. A social media presence is a MUST
  2. Different audiences consume differently
  3. Video, video, video (regardless of the audience)

How many of these trends are you currently capitalizing on? No, let’s rephrase that: How many of these trends do you use to ensure your survival in the marketplace?

Luckily, creating content has never been easier (think Instagram stories and Facebook reels, Google My Business and Mailchimp, even a little TikTok video) BUT creating quality content that actually adds value to your audience’s lives… that’s the tricky part.

What salt bae

That’s where we come in. We are the “Salt Bae” of content creation – it’s what we do and we do it well.

Marketing is no longer about pushy sales or flyers. It’s about knowing what your customers like – and giving it to them.

And it’s about giving it to them where they’re at. Where are they at, you ask?


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