Goodbye 2022?
Anything but a boring year-end function - PLEASE!

You know what would make your year-end function even worse?
Bob from accounting being your MC!  (Sorry Bob, but we’ve got Mark Sham).

Year-ends don’t have to be stressful (or lame).

With The Tryst, you can chop and change, mix and match, according to what your team needs – and you’ll be receiving a gazillion compliments on your party-planning skills. An added bonus – we’ve got an MC – aka Mark Sham.

Here are a few ways to plan your year-end function:

1. Fest it up!

What better way to make an office party feel like a party than by going for festival vibes?

We’re talking mouth-watering food truck treats, tasty drinks (with little umbrellas of course), live music, comedy, interactive booths and so much more.

The best part about a festival-type set-up is that people relax, mingle and cap off the year with a whole lot of fun.

2. Awards Evening


People need it.

And we’re guessing your team deserves it. (Especially after a year of hard work in a pandemic.)

Awards or gratitude evenings are the best way to get the team together for some feels. Setting the scene for those feels means proper lighting and sound. Another dealbreaker is the MC. Please don’t let Bob from accounting who’s not a speaker run the event. We got you covered on that one. Extra bonus? We can make your event hybrid. So if your team is national or global, they can get in on the fun.

3. Picnic in the park

It’s a Mad Hatter’s tea party with bunnies, squirrels, ducks…Giving fantasy and fun. Summertime, fresh air and sunlight, sipping on a drink and enjoying a relaxed picnic. This setting can turn any event into a pleasant affair.

After a year of sitting in an office and staring at your computer, why not end the year off with some Vitamin D replenishment? A picnic is a great place to mingle with everyone you’ve been emailing all year. We’ve got the perfect park and team to make it happen.

4. Team Building

No, we’re not going to make you sit in a circle and tell us how you feel. End off the year with a group activity and some bonding after a year of getting through the daily grind.

Everyone is tired at the end of the year and a wonderful way to look ahead, without feeling like it’s strictly work-related, is with a fun and interactive workshop.

We’ll get a good understanding of your team and then suggest some really cool things that you could do. (No links and a bit shorter than the other paragraphs? Perhaps we can say:)

Bond over some real interaction with your team. Plus: a good vibey lunch or dinner and some vino or your own companies signature cocktail – the world is your oyster (no pun intended).

5. “Fancy” a meal

Mingling, a meal, some good music and memories: go for the old reliable and share a meal with your team. You decide what fits: fancy with a bowtie to end off a year of hustle or casual with a few G&Ts. The year-end tradition of dinner and drinks is a favourite for a reason: the treat of some delish food served to you while chatting with colleagues is a warm, relaxing and fun way to end off the year.

With The Tryst, we’ve got the venue, we’ve got the team and we’ve got the best packages to bring your year-end function to life.

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